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21 male  tantoh pascal  Kuwait   joined 2013-04-26
My hobbys: Looking for a good friends pen pal thanks
About myself: hello -what you like like good friends -what you hate hate pets -what is your passion good friends

21 female  tantoh pascal  Kuwait   joined 2013-04-26
My hobbys: reading,traveling,make new friends for travling all words
About myself: -what you like like good friends -what you hate hate pets -what is your passion good friends

40 male  deepak  Kuwait   joined 2012-10-23
My hobbys: i like to travel
About myself: i am working in kuwait indin

26 male  Nikhil  Kuwait   joined 2012-10-14
My hobbys: I like to make new fres and make them happy anyhow..
About myself: I like you ignoring people be a successful leader I want a girl for long term marriage.

28 male  shaliya  Kuwait   joined 2012-09-04
My hobbys: my hobbys fashion , trawelling
About myself: about mt self .last 6 yes iam working at thailand .now iam working at tourist guide. i like to start friendships with nice aunty. merred or widoerd woman to have fun or anything but i hate lires and cheaters genuin girl and woman are expected for secret relationship .place if u like send me email.{very cool aunty]

45 male  Anurada  Kuwait   joined 2012-08-30
My hobbys: Networking. Reding
About myself: Mama job karanne kuwait ake. mama hoyanne 35-40 atare sihin sirurakin youth lassana guna yahapath kaanthawak ayata nidahas theerana ganna puluwan bahira karadara nathi dik kasada ho wendambu kenek nam wada honday mama ayata kuwait akata anna vesa. Guwan tikat okkoma denawa job akak karanna kamathi nam job akakuth hoyala denawa photo akak samaga mata email karanna

23 male  kamlesh  Kuwait   joined 2012-08-13
My hobbys: playing pop songs dans
About myself: ilike good frind i hate chetar my looking is good i want only grill

30 male  senmar  Kuwait   joined 2012-08-07
My hobbys: i am looking for new frindes thanks
About myself: i am looking for u plesae thanks

23 male  mehbub  Kuwait   joined 2012-08-02
My hobbys: listning music,internet,karate&frndsip with new n good people
About myself: i love to share my views nd listen othrs i just hate lazy people i m here to get some gud frinds

33 male  Jay  Kuwait   joined 2012-07-04
My hobbys: Surfing..
About myself: Good friends...

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