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34 female  Lauris  Mexico   joined 2012-05-26
My hobbys: watch movies, have fun with my son, read, dance, have new friends, travel, give big hugs, listen music (Katty Perry- Adele, etc)
About myself: I like to stay at home watching movies, washing clothes, cleaning my house, cooking, iron, listen my favorite music, by texting with my friends I hate lies, an persons who tell you that they are in one way but they are not as they show you at the beginning...I hate people that is not real and don{t enjoy for what they have.. My Passion my son...

26 female  Bells Kurosaki  Mexico   joined 2012-01-09
My hobbys: Hi, I am a 26 year old Mexican girl. I go to the UNAM and My major is English Literature; so, I love reading. My favourite authors are Oscar Wilde, William Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe. I love languages and I love watching movies, K-Dramas and J-Dramas. I love animes and mangas. I love music and paintings. I want to learn Korean right now, so if you're interested I can teach you either English or Spanish. =) Thank you!
About myself: I'd like to meet Korean Friends so I can learn Korean. THANK YOUUUU!! My passions are Languages, Music, Movies, Animes, Dramas, Mangas, Books, Sports and Art.

14 female  Goergina Rodriguez Gomez  Mexico   joined 2011-09-19
My hobbys: Pasar la tarde con mis amigos, familia C:
About myself: Amo la musica,odio a lo amigos falsos ¬¬'

24 female  phabby  Mexico   joined 2011-07-17
My hobbys: Love cooking and baking. Like to learn about different cultures.
About myself: I want to meet people from around the world. No romances happily married. Interested in learning about your country and whats the lifestyle there. Email me i wont reject anyone. Just want to make friends.

14 female  Susan Alvarez V  Mexico   joined 2011-07-16
My hobbys: music and dance
About myself: I love to dance I love hanging out with my friends And I hate people who are not what they say or do not want to be like saying why things are not subtntiated by words but by deeds

23 female  Paola  Mexico   joined 2011-01-24
My hobbys: travel, meet people, cinema, etc.
About myself: well i like know new people, i will go to netherlands in april so i wanna have new friends from there (and aroud the world) for show me the best of that country. write me ;)

42 female  cynthia martinez  Mexico   joined 2010-01-07
My hobbys: read about greece, walk, weights physiscian, travel, agronomy about diseases, care my daughter, meet people, write, photograph, horses aviation, etc
About myself: interesting people, travel, universitarian men and rich i hate trouble people my passion is to be plant pathologyst i would like to married again and have 1 baby

19 female  Vania  Mexico   joined 2009-05-05
My hobbys: paint,write some poetry
About myself: im a GIRL im 19 years old, i like to go out with my friends see some movies, i like to read, i hate de hipocrit persons, my passion are all the things that are around me. i want to know a lot of people sorry if my english is noty to good

26 female  Astrid  Mexico   joined 2008-05-29
My hobbys: I enjoy traveling and run, and meet friends really good friends for life.
About myself: I would like to have a pen pal from norway? why from there? my husband, my baby and me were there a few months ago. We are from Mexico and we were charmed by the country.. was a long travel trough Norway and we were really impressed, culture, landscapes, different people..we would like to get back and have friends out there whom to talk,learn from their culture and visit each other.

44 female  carolina  Mexico   joined 2006-08-28
My hobbys: music,shopping
About myself: hello my name is carolina, i love all types of music 50cent,eminem then ending with manu chao=)looking for friends so write me

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