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45 female  mara  Puerto Rico   joined 2012-04-17
My hobbys: My hobbies are: collecting stamps from any country, star trek stuff, snoopy stuff, comics, dvd movies, cd music etc.
About myself: I would like to find true friends around the World. I love to see regular mail(snail mail)than electronic mail. Letters for me is more personal more human to see the handwriting on paper. I love to continue learning and improving my professional and personal life. Chao

31 female  Soharja  Puerto Rico   joined 2011-04-07
My hobbys: Reading, Listening to Music
About myself: I'm from Puerto Rico, my main language is Spanish, but I'd like to meet friends from different cultures and learn about them as well as let them know about mine. Why am I writing into a Koren website? I still don't know why, probably because I find the culture so different than what I know.

18 female  Angie Rodriguez  Puerto Rico   joined 2010-12-19
My hobbys: Take photos, watching movies, lear korean, listening to music, see korean dramas
About myself: I want to have friends from Asia especially from Korea, I want a snail-mail friend from South Korea

18 female  Angie Rodriguez  Puerto Rico   joined 2010-12-19
My hobbys: Take photos, watching movies, see korean drama, reading, hang out, go to the beach, listening to music, learn Korean
About myself: I am student of medicine, I was born in USA but now I live in Puerto Rico so English and Spanish are my native language,

18 female  Kimberly Joy  Puerto Rico   joined 2009-09-05
My hobbys: listen to music, hang out with friends, photography, writing, reading, studying, work, chatting, nature, animals, computer, eating pasta, family.I would like to practice extreme sports some day.Love the sound of a relaxing.
About myself: Disfruto pasar tiempo con los míos.Me fascina la fotografía.Amo la vida, naturaleza, los animales, familia y amigos (que son muy pocos y valen por millones).Pues he aprendido que debo ser yo sin importar lo que digan los que estén a mi alrededor.La música no puede faltar.Me molesta el sarcasmo, las hipocresías, las mentiras, estereotipos, la discriminación, y todas las cosas negativas.Deportes extremos son la vida! ♥

19 female  Jarymar  Puerto Rico  
My hobbys: Rock music, Japanese anime, scary movies, having fun.
About myself: Im 18 years old and im a friendly. I like to meet new people and learn from different cultures to keep an open mind.

28 female  Milly  Puerto Rico  
My hobbys: read, learn about new cultures, sight seeing, and so many more things.
About myself: I would love to meet new people. I don´t know much English, but I will like to learn. Would you like to be my friend? I want to learn about other cultures. I can teach you spanish if you like and you can learn my culture too. :]

28 female  Milly  Puerto Rico  
My hobbys: reading, dancing, movies
About myself: Hey Im a 25 puertorican teacher who wants to have friends all over the world to talk and have fun!

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