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22 female  nikki  Hong Kong S.A.R.  
My hobbys: parties. bars. travel. guys and music
About myself: i hate that kind of essays..... !!!!

26 female  Coccus  Hong Kong S.A.R.  
My hobbys: Reading, music, movie, badminton, table tennis, martial arts and photography
About myself: I`m a fresh grad from a local technical college, what i studied is Biotechnology. I like watching movies (mainly action, sci-fi, horror and adventure), listening to music (mainly metal), photography, martial art.

18 female  Wind  Hong Kong S.A.R.  
My hobbys: Drawing, designing, reading, film and music
About myself: Hi!!!I am Wind, and i am Chinese.I would like to meet people around the world andI am interested to chat with anyoneContact me~~

21 female  cool-guy  Hong Kong S.A.R.  
My hobbys: Drawing(fashion-design)
About myself: I`m cool-guy....I like black, light blue and pink. I like Emily The Strange, Gucci, Bapy, Hysteric, Burberry, Annasui, X-girl, Chanel, Nina Ricci, D&G, Beams, Red Earth....

25 female  Mavis  Hong Kong S.A.R.  
My hobbys: travelling, watching tv
About myself: looking for friends from all over the world!

20 female  Hannia  Hong Kong S.A.R.  
My hobbys: drawing, watching TV, chatting, writing letters, reading and eating
About myself: hello!I am a 19-year-old girl from Hong Kong. I like making friends from all over the world very much. I want to have a long-term friendship. I would like to write to you for a long time with long letters. If you are interested in me, please contact me.

25 female  Ling  Hong Kong S.A.R.  
My hobbys: music, languages, comics, internet, cycling
About myself: I`d like to meet friends from anywhere of the world, so really nice to meet you!!

21 female  Amy Fang  Hong Kong S.A.R.  
My hobbys: swimming, collecting stamps
About myself: hi, my name is Amy. i would like to make friends in all other can send e-mail to me and i `ll tell you my home address

18 female  cat  Hong Kong S.A.R.  
My hobbys: Drawing, music (Rock,classic), sports, singing and meeting people....
About myself: I`m a 15 yrs old gal have the dark brown hair and eyes. I`m 162 cm tall and I LOVE animals!! I wanna make some friends from the western countries.

18 female  Helena  Hong Kong S.A.R.  
My hobbys: Listenin` Music, Singin` Watchin` Movies, Readin`Playin` Volleyball...
About myself: Hi,I would like to find a penpal for a true, sincere and for a long friendship.I don`t care where you from, what`s your age, or how`s your look. Just wanna true friend!!!

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